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WYSISYG Industrial Touchscreen Controller

Industrial Inkjet Markers, Drivers, Controllers

Employing HP printhead technology, the AllMark, AlphaPoint Print System, Mark605, and Mark610 inkjet print controllers provide cost effective solutions while providing high speed, high resolution, and thermal drop on demand precision for:

  • Package marking and coding
  • Mail addressing and franking
  • ID and data card printing
  • Document scanning and numbering
  • Variable data printing

The AllMark Touch Screen Marker & Coder

  • Simple – Icon-based WYSIWYG touch screen interface
  • Flexible – Print barcodes, images, lot/date codes
  • Versatile – Supports inks for Many substrates
  • High resolution – Up to 2″ x 50″ print at 600 dpi
  • Low maintenance – HP 45 thermal inkjet technology.

» AllMark Data Sheet

The AlphaPoint Print System Industrial Windows Printer

  • Print from most Windows applications
  • Use marking or labeling software of your choice
  • Tailor the hardware to your marking needs
    • AlphaPoint 600 – 1 or 2 printheads
    • AlphaPoint 1200 – up to 4 printheads
    • AlphaPoint XPS – up to 16 printheads

» AlphaPoint Print System Product Sheet

The Mark610 Embeddable or Stand-Alone Print Controller for OEM and VAR markets

  • Fast and power efficient – requires only one power supply
  • Highly customizable – wide range of user-defined input/output configurations
  • Flexible – can interface with many encoder and sensor types
  • Supports one or two printheads

» Mark610 Product Sheet

The Mark605 Embeddable Print Controller for OEM market

  • Compact, expandable – up to four printheads, fast
  • Integrates into custom applications
  • Flexible – two configurations
  • Mark605F with flex connectors for normal environments
  • Mark 605D with D-Sub connectors for high vibration environments.

» Mark605 Product Sheet

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