Mark 610

Mark610 Print Controller with Outboard Module

The Mark610 is a high-speed, high resolution inkjet print controller system used to print date and time, barcodes, serial numbers, fixed and variable text or graphics.  Ideal for many addressing, marking & coding, or labeling applications, the Mark610 features the clean, low maintenance convenience and dependability of Hewlett-Packard’s disposable print cartridges.  Targeting the needs and value add capabilities of the VAR and OEM markets,  the Mark610 is available in a variety of user-defined configurations offering the versatility of an embeddable print controller or fully functional stand alone marker.

The Mark610 supports 1 or 2 printheads providing 16 onboard print buffers and 4 counters per printhead, allowing maximum flexibility and fast printing.  User defined I/O options enable  triggering of specialized messages via upstream PLCs.  User defined outputs provide the ability to trigger system actions; for example turning on UV lamps, starting conveyors, or enabling verification processes.  A second printhead provides printing in a separate location with unique messaging or enables stitching with the 2 Printhead Outboard Module.

Communication Flexibility at no additional cost:

The Mark610 comes equipped with Marking and Coding software allowing the user to create, print, save and edit messages, configure the system, and adjust cartridge controls.  The software contains macros for serialization, counting, date calculations, time offsets and timestamps etc.  After configuration, the computer may be detached from the controller for true standalone operation.

Every feature of the software may be accessed and utilized by user applications via integration through the provided simplified protocol.

Product Data

Simplified Protocol enabling application integration
Marking & Coding software included
Windows® XP compatible
RS-232, RS-422, High-speed USB

Operating Modes
Firing Clock:
Internal clock/No encoder (0 – 15 kHz)
External encoder
Rising or falling edge triggered
Programmable delay from trigger

Cartridge Controls
Ability to optimize voltage, firing frequency,  pulse width and thermal controls
Drop counter for ink usage
Ink low and out signal
Printhead maintenance modes

Power: 24V max 3A
Operating Environment:
10-40°C  at 10-50%RH and 10-23°C at 10-90%RH
Non-operating Environment:
-30 to 60°C for 48 hours

Print Resolutions and Speeds
600h x 600v dpi at 25 ips, 125 fpm, 0.63 m/sec
300h x 600v dpi at 50 ips, 250 fpm, 1.26 m/sec
150h x 600v dpi at 100 ips, 500 fpm, 2.52 m/sec
100h x 600v dpi at 150 ips, 750 fpm, 3.81 m/sec
Other resolutions and speeds possible

Printing Capability
Height: 0.5” (12.7mm) per printhead, 1” (stitched)
Lines of Print: 1, 2, 3, or 4 per printhead
Bi-directional (mirror on X) per printhead
Upside-down (mirror on Y) per printhead
Up to 99 resident simultaneously
Message length:
478 characters per message x 4 lines
16 Message Buffers per printhead

Embeddable Unit: 1.25” x 6.3” x 8.8”

Printable Items
Fixed and variable ASCII text
User designed fonts or images
Time/Date stamp:  fixed, real-time or postdated
Programmable Sequence Counters (4) per printhead

Single printhead version
Communications interface
User defined I/O
External power supply
Outboard modules

One Year

Download Mark 610 Product Sheet

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